Rules ( this is a must Read)

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Rules ( this is a must Read)

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:30 am

Sim Rules: The league will be advanced every 1-2 days ( Time is yet to be determined but probably will be around 11 P.M. central) If a player hasn't played their computer game and all the user games have been finished, his game will be simmed(excluding playoffs). Contact your player and see what times he can get online. If he does not get back to you with n 24 hours Msg me( mr.gratten) and let me know

Computer games: You are only allowed to start a computer game once. If your connection craps out, contact a commisioner and wait for approval to start the game. If you are not approved your game will be simmed.

User games: We play for fun, at the same time we play with honor, integrity and respect( In game you can talk shit, but out of the game be respectful, treat others as you would like to be treated). If your peer's walmart connection shits on him, you are allowed to start the game over once. If it happens again, your peer will be booted temporarily while you play against the computer. If that player continues to have disconnections throughout the season, they will be up for review. .

Fourth Down Rules:
4th and 1 or inches and you are on or pass your 50 you can go for it. no matter what the score is.
After the first half if you are losing my 9 or more points you can go for it anytime.
Lets keep this real dont be going for it on 4 and 30 just cause you down my 9. lets play smart

Nano Blitzing Rocket Catching:
There will be none of this at all.... I will not allow this... if I am told you are doing this I am going to go by your Rep if your not know for it i will let it slide but if you have a Rep of this you will be kick out. To keep this from happeing you are not able to move your linebackers to the line of scrimmage at all.... The only way you can is if you are the linebacker the whole time.... And I do understand that the computer moves them down sometimes that is cool.

Losing: You are not able for any reason to throw games... I dont care if you wont the best drafth pick you are not able to do this. If you are you will be kicked out..... I wont everybody to try and win every game..... with this we will not have teams 13-0 and we wont have any team 0-13 this is going to be a good and very competitive league.....

Trades: Remember this..... its your team and you want to build them the way you play..... With that said you are able to trade for drafth picks and players..... all trades must be looked at by me first!!!! ( and dont forget you are able to trade with the computer)


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4th down rule change

Post on Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:17 pm

4th down rule change option, if you are winning by 14 points or more do not go for it on fourth down unles you are on their 5 yard line or closer

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